The u14 Steal Breeze team concluded a successful weekend on Sunday with a 10-o win over a solid NorCal Rage team that had not lost a game all weekend. All ten runs were scored in a monster 4th inning and most after there were already two outs and was just as impressive as the defense.

Here is the writeup from Game Changer for the championship:


Sophia Skubic had all the right stuff on Sunday for Petaluma Steal Breeze, allowing zero runs and besting NorCal Rage by a score of 10-0

Steal Breeze secured the victory thanks to ten runs in the fourth inning. Haley Wyatt, Brooke Baxman, Skubic, Jamie McGaughey, and Wyatt each drove in runs during the inning.

One bright spot for NorCal Rage was a single by #32 in the first inning.

Skubic led the Petaluma Steal Breeze 14U Carlomagno to victory on the rubber. She lasted four innings, allowing four hits and zero runs while striking out four.

#32 took the loss for Nor Cal Rage. She allowed eight hits and nine runs over three and two-thirds innings, walking zero.

Petaluma Steal Breeze smacked two home runs on the day. Wyatt put one out in the fourth inning. McGaughey went yard in the fourth inning.

Petaluma Steal Breeze collected ten hits on the day. Mallory O’keefe and Wyatt all managed multiple hits for Petaluma Steal Breeze. Wyatt and O’keefe each collected two hits to lead Petaluma Steal Breeze. Petaluma Steal Breeze was sure-handed and didn’t commit a single error. Wyatt made the most plays with five.

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  1. Dave Theisen on July 21, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    I don’t understand why this organization continues to play down and beat teams by 10 runs. I have Seen them do it for 2 years now. Today they won 12-0 and 13-0. How is that helping the players improve? It appears to be the very definition of sandbagging/trophy hunting.
    These teams play each other all weekend , battling out close games and then SB comes along and scores 25 runs and gives up 0?
    It is not a case of “just work harder with your teams and you’ll be more competitive” We are competitive, and have been all season.
    Sour grapes? Sure a little bit. I can admit that nobody likes to get their butt kicked 13-0. But can your organization admit that it is a sign that you’re too good to be playing at this level if you’re routinely run ruling teams?!!

    • Bob on July 23, 2019 at 5:43 pm

      It’s definitely more than Sour grapes! And quite frankly it’s offensive that you would even say we are trophy hunters. Our girls work there butts off three days a week at practice they play tired hot and hurt. Our number one catcher had 21 stitches in her knee during the Tahoe tournament and played. We are a true big team we had a whopping 17 girls try out for our team. We only enter A tournaments we can’t help that our competition is it always up to our level of play. Just a thought if you don’t think you can compete with us maybe don’t enter tournaments that we are in. The Petaluma Steal Breeze Has nothing to apologize for we have great coaches great players and great families.

    • NF on July 25, 2019 at 9:53 am

      @Dave – Steel Breeze has always been a powerhouse in Sonoma County. Is it possible to beat them? Yes, of course it is. It requires a dedicated pitcher who practices throughout the year, can throw anything other than a fastball, can locate the ball (inside, outside, etc.), and is willing to study the batter and understand what pitch to throw based on the batter’s position in the box…as well as, have a decent defense to support the pitcher. Bottom line to set the goal, it’s up to the opposing team to do their homework and accept the challenge.

      @Bob- bragging about the catcher being hurt and playing with 21 stitches makes Steel Breeze sound like a team who is not dedicated to health and well being of its players. It is my hopes that the player had a doctor’s release to play and if not…that player is VERY lucky her wound did not rip open again. Sports at all levels, including high school and college take injuries very seriously these days because, as we all know, it takes a lot time to recover and even longer if re-injured. I’m sure Steel Breeze cares very much about their players and knows playing while injured is NO Longer Acceptable at ALL levels.

      • Bob on July 27, 2019 at 4:07 pm

        First of all I wasn’t bragging just making a point that our girls do play when they get banged up. not in an unsafe manner by any means! Our catcher was medically cleared by her DR.

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