Welcome to 2018 PGSA Recreation League registration. A few things are different this year, but we believe it should be a easier process and make for a great season.

Fees October 1 – December 31
$140 for one player
$260 for two players
$380 for three players

After December 31st we will still take late registrations, but there will be a late fee.

Registration closes on December 31st, 2017

What you need to have to register:

  1. Insurance# and valid from date
  2. Doctor name and number
  3. Dentist name and number
  4. Credit card or you can have it deducted from your bank account (will take you to a separate secure site to process)

If your child is interested in challenging up there is a check box, but you also will need to get in touch with the division representative and let them know you are interested.

There is a checkbox if you are interested in trying out for a Steal Breeze Travel Team. Checking the box lets us know your interest and you won’t have to re-register.

Remember to register early.

Here is to a great 2018 season.