Picture Day complete list of times

Please arrive 15 minutes before your picture time.

You can prepay online until 9 pm the night before:

League Password: MVPPGSA18

Slate# Picture Time Division TEAM NAMES
1 7:20am Rookie Druids
2 7:25am Rookie DeBel Roofing Supply
3 7:30am T-BALL Dairy Delivery
4 7:40am T-BALL Petaluma Dental
5 7:45am Rookie Kirk’s Orthodontics
6 7:50am Rookie T&G Mdeiros
7 8:00am T-BALL Ray’s Deli & Tavern
8:10am BREAK
8 8:20am MINOR Holiday Builders
9 8:30am MINOR AE
10 8:40am T-BALL Ramos & Associates
11 8:50am T-BALL Druids
9:00am BREAK
12 9:10am Rookie Desired Plumbing
13 9:20am Rookie Henris Roofing
14 9:30am T-BALL Brayton Art
15 9:40am T-BALL Cato’s Landscaping
16 9:50am MINOR T-Dent Landscape
17 10:00am MINOR Nerdie Misfits
18 10:10am Rookie Petaluma Kids Dental
19 10:20am Rookie Polly Klaas Foundation
20 10:30am MINI Nexus Global Media
21 10:40am MINI Pronzini Christmas Trees
10:50am LUNCH
11:10am BREAK
22 11:20am MINI Central Animal Hospital
23 11:30am MINI Picchi Construction
24 11:40am MAJOR Ad-Lite Crane
25 11:50am MINI Petaluma Orthodontics
26 12:00pm MINI Jay & Bills Tire Service
27 12:20pm MINOR AAUW
28 12:30pm MINOR IDEX Global Solutions
29 12:40pm MAJOR EML HVAC
30 12:50pm MAJOR McDevitt Construction