Opening Day, March 7th, for the 2020 Petaluma Girls Softball season is just around the corner!! We will be having a parade first thing in the morning to showcase each team. The parade will be followed by opening speeches, a demonstration on the field from local high school girls, a group cheer to kick off the season, softball games and fun events throughout the day for the girls and their families. Here is an idea of what to expect for the day:


  • 8:30-8:45am:
    • Teams arrive and lineup for the parade (Girls need to be in full uniform: jersey, softball pants, socks, +/- hair bows)
    • Teams to meet in the outfield grass area between Fields 1 and 2
    • Teams will walk in order of T-Ball to Majors
    • Each team will be placed in order and announced as they enter the field


  • 9:00am-10:30am:
    • Teams will come from between fields, start at third base, walk to home plate, then walk to first base and along infield/outfield grass line back near the third base where each team will then group together across the field all the way to first base
    • We ask that parents not be on the field for pictures in order to minimize work to get the field ready after opening ceremonies
    • Each team will have a team banner (provided by the league) that they will carry with them during the parade
      § Banners will then go home with coach/team parent to be hung up on dugout by the team for each game during the season.
    • Each team will have a “walk-up song” to be decided on beforehand to play as they walk the field
    • A panoramic group photo will be taken once all the teams are lined up
    • National Anthem will be played
    • Opening speeches
    • Infield demonstration by local HS girls/previous PGSA players
    • All teams will meet in the middle for a group PGSA cheer to kick off the season


  • 10:30 am:
    • Girls with 11:00 am games will break off with their team to warm up
    • Everyone else is free to enjoy the following:
      § PGSA Apparel order/swag booth/Butter&Egg parade sign up/raffle
      § Face Painting 10:30- 3:30
      § Bouncy Houses 10:30-3:00
      § T-Shirt/Bow booth
      § Game day hair/braid booth
      § Wilson/Demarini/Bownet equipment vendor and demo booth
      § Snack Bar

Hope to see everyone out there.

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  1. Auntie Stacey Dennick on March 8, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Thank you for having me face paint. it was super fun! It’s great to see so many devoted female athletes.
    Auntie Stacey

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