New and Improved.

Last year we tried something new and it was not all it was promised to be. So this year we have moved to TeamSnap.

For those of you that have used it before, you know how great it is. For those of you that are new to it you are in for a treat. Team Snap is by far the most user friendly and easy to use tool for teams. The tool saves managers, players and parents a ton of time each season. Managers will be able to schedule practices and parents will be able to let the coaches know if their kid will be there or not. That is the part everyone will use (and hopefully love) the most. There are a lot of other tools, including an easy to update website to we can keep you up-to-date as well as a simple registration process. If you have used Team Snap before, you can start by importing your information, if not, you will see it has a very simple, easy to follow format and you are done. For our sponsors we will be able to  feature them prominently on the team pages as well as giving them their own section of the site – please support them, they (along with all the volunteers) make this league great.

We hope you enjoy the changes., please let us know if there is anything you see missing that you would like. Here’s looking forward to a great 2018 season.

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