Every year we naturally get asked what items do parents need to purchase for the season, and which items are provided by PGSA.

Please see below for what is, and is not, provided by PGSA for each season. 

We hope you find this information helpful in preparing for your child's new season of softball!

What Is Provided By PGSA:

  1. Game Shirt
  2. Catchers Gear
  3. Practice Equipment (nets, T's, balls, etc.)


What you NEED/MUST buy as a parent:

  1. Softball practice/game pants. BLACK.  No shorts, leggings, yoga pants. We suggest getting more than one pair.
  2. Practice Socks
  3. Game Socks*

 *Game socks are determined by team and the Manager will communicate to you about that once your daughter is assigned to a team, etc.


  1. Helmet. The helmet has to have a face mask and chin strap is optional, but encouraged.
  2. Cleats. No metal cleats!
  3. Fielders Mask
  4. Glove*
  5. Bat**

Please make sure if you decide to purchase a bat, you follow a guide so you can be sure to get your daughter the correct bat for her height, weight, and strength level.  Every year we see girls who struggle with the wrong size bat and end up struggling and frustrated because they're not hitting as well as they should or could.  We instead want to see them succeed and feel confident at the plate. This is also true when buying your daughter's glove as well.

*For glove purchase assistance, check out this guide to help you:
(we have no affiliation with this company. It's simply a resource guide)

  1. Glove Resource Guide  

**For bat purchase assistance, check out these guides to help you:
(we have no affiliation with these companies. It's simply a resource guide)

  1. Bat Resource Guide #1 
  2. Bat Resource Guide #2


NOTE:  TBall/Minis:

You can get your daughter a bat as well, but the league does provide bats in case she doesn't have one.  With the COVID situation, we HIGHLY encourage you to get your own bat.


Equipment - What is OPTIONAL to buy as a parent:


The league provides balls for practices and games.  If you would like to purchase balls, please see the guide below to see what size you would need for your daughters level of play.

T-Ball:    10" Safety Softball

Mini:      10" Safety Softball

Rookie:  11" RIF Level 10 Softball

Minor:   12" ASA Softball

Major:    12" ASA Softball


Please be sure to mark your daughters last name or initials on ALL your daughters equipment with a black or white permanent marker BEFORE the first practice.  Most parents shop at Dick's or Big 5 and half the team has the same glove, bag, or bat, or all the above sometimes!  If we take care of this ahead of time, it saves a lot of grief during the season.